Is it really free shipping worldwide?

For a limited time only I’m offering free worldwide shipping via DHL courier for all Framed and Canvas prints. Duty and customs are included in the price for deliveries to Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, and Great Britain. Other countries may incur duties, customs clearance charges, and sales tax.

There's an image on your instagram I like but it's not on your print store. Can I order it?

Yes! Please shoot me a message via the contact form and let me know which image you’d like and I’ll add it to the print store for you.

I want to receive my print by Christmas, whats the latest I should get my order in?

With each print being made to order, and lots of people ordering, Christmas time is super busy period! It is recommended that you get your order in no later than the 2nd December to be on the safe side.

Do you offer prints in portrait format?

Yes, that can be arranged! Just shoot me a message via the contact form.

I can’t decide if I should get my print framed or not?

I highly recommend having your print professionally framed to ensure longevity and to display it at its best. Professional framing includes an in-depth process which involves gluing the print to the back of the frame board to eliminate rippling or movement which can sometimes happen with over the counter framing options. 

Do you offer other paper stocks?

I chose to offer my prints in Lustre paper stock as it's the perfect mix of amazing quality and good value. Lustre prints offer bold rich blacks, clean whites, beautiful colours and unmatched longevity. It will last long enough to hand on to your grandchildren, if it doesn't we guarantee to replace it.  If you're a paper connoisseur and are after a particular stock just let me know. I can have it printed on Fine Art Paper and 100% Cotton Rag. Just fire me a message via the contact form and I'll send you through a quote. 

How do I care for my print?

It is recommended to handle your prints with clean, dry hands and avoid hanging them in direct sunlight. I'd highly recommend ordering your prints framed to ensure longevity, plus it will look epic when framed professionally. 

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